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I am happy and grateful to have settled and built a full cello studio in the southwest area of the Salt Lake Valley over the past 6.5 years. I focus on exemplary technique, tone, and expressiveness as well as performance confidence and opportunity. But more important I aim to provide positive experiences, positive feedback, and a positive self image. I believe as Sinichi Suzuki taught that, “Our aim needs to be the nurturing of children. The moment we rigidly convince ourselves, “Education is what we’re after,” we warp a child’s development. -1- First foster the heart, then help the child acquire ability. This is indeed nature’s proper way.”

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"If he or she really goes about it in earnest, anyone can cultivate ability in ten years, I believe. Even in one year, shortcomings can be changed into good points if only we set our aims high enough. Continuing for ten years, we can become outstanding indeed...There is no limit to our shortcomings. Until we die, we should spare no time or effort in changing our weaknesses to merits. To do so can be pleasant and interesting. We can become like the horse that starts last and yet outruns the field, reaching the wire first; it is the same fun."
― Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education